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Why Doesn’t My Business Appear in Google?

It’s a fact that billions of searches are performed in google.com every day. If there are any skeptics of search engine optimization in Milwaukee and Chicago out there, just check out this running counter snapshot showing how essential Google is to people searching for answers. In the U.S. nearly 75% of all searches go through Google. So, […]

Autumn Reveals: How to Fix a Broken Marketing Program

Breaking a leg is never any fun. Yet people can make the best of it by having a positive attitude, colorful castings and notes of best wishes. As you would expect, I saw a doctor who preformed surgery, repairing my broken leg by inserting three permanent pins, securing my leg in a full cast and […]

How a Winter Outing Turned into a Lesson in Targeted Web Marketing

  On a cool winter’s morning, John Howman, President of Allied Consulting Group and I went skeet shooting at Milford Hills near Johnson Creek, Wisconsin. The beautiful morning was a perfect backdrop to aiming our shotguns on the various clay pigeons flying through the air from various angles. When it was over, we swapped stories of what we liked and what […]

Living by the Marketing Strategies We Teach

When I first began running, I sought out the advice of runners who live by what they teach. Their advice helped me develop from a novice to an experienced runner because I saw the results they taught. In the same way, when businesses ask Autumn for advice related to social media marketing, we help our […]

See Your Sales Soar: Use Strategic B2B Marketing

Whether in the Chicago or Milwaukee area, strategic B2B marketing is defining and communicating what you do best. And it’s important to present it in a unique way for your customers and clients. As a B2B full service marketing firm, often times we act as a business or product interpreter. This means we listen to our customer describe what they’re trying to sell and we “interpret” the meaning into benefit statements.

When Autumn provides strategic B2B marketing to its Milwaukee and Chicago clients, sales increase. Here’s why:

Bold B2B Marketing Design for Clients in Milwaukee and Chicago

Our B2B marketing clients in Milwaukee and Chicago areas often rate a new website as a pretty daunting task… until we come along! Lake Edge Logistics approached Autumn this fall and our team wasted no time in putting our experience into practice once again. Read about the latest website design powered by Autumn in this week’s blog. 

Preparing for Your Next B2B Marketing Meeting

Autumn Consulting believes that we are responsible to be the most prepared and organized on behalf of our B2B marketing clients.  Whether in the Milwaukee or Chicago areas, we know that our clients are busy developing and leading their respective businesses.  As a result, Autumn takes the lead to craft and submit the agenda.  A well organized agenda […]

Autumn Consulting Dramatically Increases B2B Marketing Leads for Clients

  Lead generation is a key element in B2B marketing for our clients in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas. Growing your customer base can be a huge differentiator between keeping your business where it is and taking it to the next level.   For some entrepreneurs and companies just starting out, it can be difficult to know where to start or […]

Choosing Autumn Consulting for B2B Strategic Marketing

Autumn Consulting delivers B2B Marketing for clients in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas. In a recent blog, we share what is most unique about our collaborative consulting style.  We’re not only an experienced B2B marketing agency, we are intrinsically motivated to learn and to teach. Autumn’s client-focused approach ensures an open and collaborative relationship. This allows […]

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