Fast Five: Tips for Social Media Marketing Success

You have a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn profile and just signed up for Pinterest.  The problem: Nothing is happening. When building out an integrated web marketing plan, there are key questions that help in creating a strategic plan, rather than a social media hodgepodge of busyness. Here’s Autumn’s simplified approach […]

Increase Sales & Website Traffic with Google AdWords: How Birkey’s Farm Store Did It!

Earlier this year, we posted an article about Birkey’s Farm Store and their amazing success with Google AdWords in only 4 months’ time. Now, Birkey’s current campaign has succeeded in producing results which rival and surpass their previous success.  With help and direction from our Autumn Consulting Team, Birkey’s collaborated on a Google AdWords campaign […]

3 Business Benefits to Rebranding Your Website – How Goodwill Did It!

From Good to Great We recently had the opportunity to work with the People Team (the Human Resources arm of Goodwill NCW), in helping them build a more streamlined, easy to navigate and powerful website/tool. Having assessed that their website was fully functioning, but lacked the punch needed for qualifying prospects and engaging customers, we […]

Boost Your Business with a Cloud-Based Web Portal

As a web marketing agency in Milwaukee, Autumn Consulting understands the need for speed and convenience when it comes to accessing internal documents for your job. To help our client DUECO stay on track, we designed a new, cloud-based Web Portal system for use in their fast-paced work environment, where relying on hourly updates and […]

Test Post 2

To help bolster a campaign for engagement, we worked together with the Marketing team at Ruekert/Mielke to pioneer a captivating messaging tool.  This booklet-styled tool – that we also repurposed for the web – is tailored through a prospect-centric strategy for qualifying the right prospects ( and engaging current customers (  For Ruekert/Mielke, this means […]

Pinterest: The Power of Photo-Based Marketing

With nearly 12 million monthly users, Pinterest is the growing, new virtual pin board system promoting the power of online photo-sharing for people with common interests. One benefit for business owners is Pinterest’s unlimited photo-sharing capabilities, bridging connections beyond inner circles. Pinterest’s homepage is a dynamic collage of “pinned” (posted) photos/captions updated in real-time from […]

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